How to set up Vault Point of Sale for first use

Vault-PoS is a breeze to set up, With cloud hosting all you have to do is enter your store details and create products, users, and tills.


The first step is to set up the company details.

To do this simply login to your admin panel, select "Settings", and enter the relevant details.

The second step is to add Stores, to do this, select "Stores" and click on "create Store", enter relevant details. 

The third thing you will need to do is create tills, to do this, select "tills" and click "Add this device to tills", enter relevant details. 

Once you have done the above, you can start setting up categories and products.

From the admin panel, select "categories", and click "create Category", enter the details required, (if you want the category featured on the homepage tick the "featured" checkbox) and click "Add Category".

To create products, click the "products" link and click "Add Product", enter the product details.


Updated: 05-09-2018