The following hardware is necessary to get the best out of Vault-PoS:

1) Receipt printer (tested with Star TSP800)

2) Cash drawer (tested with Star Micronics)

3) USB barcode scanner (scan and enter)

4) PC, mouse, keyboard, screen


Step 1) set up PC and associated equipment, 

Step 2) Download and install Google Chrome

Step 3) Using Chrome, navigate to your PoS web address.

Step 4) click on the menu icon on the right of the screen and select "more tools", followed by "create shortcut, name your application, and make sure "open in new window is selected, and click "Create". 

Step 5) Set your receipt printer to default 

Step 6) Right click on the shortcut you just created, and select "Properties".

Step 7) in the "target box, add the following (excluding quote marks) " --kiosk --kiosk-printing".

You can now proceed to set up the Vault-PoS application.

Updated: 22-10-2018